• UKWBT launches “DO NOT Feed the Wild Boar” Campaign

    UKWBT launches “DO NOT Feed the Wild Boar” Campaign

    With summer fast approaching there will be a growing number of people walking, exploring and enjoying picnics in and around the forests and the woodlands of the UK. Some may be visiting in the hope of spotting a wild boar, while others may encounter them unexpectedly; the UK Wild Boar Trust would like to take this opportunity to appeal to all those enjoying the forests and the woodlands of the UK, please “DO NOT Feed the Wild Boar”.

    It is important to remember that the wild boar, both adults and piglets, are native wild animals to the UK, and inhabit the areas which are frequented by visitors; they are not domesticated pets. Wild boar will forage for their natural food in and around the forest and do not need to be fed.

    Under normal circumstances the wild boar are extremely cautious of human visitors to the area and tend to be secretive, but encouraging them with food can cause them to become desensitised to the presence of people and they begin to lose their natural fear instinct. If this happens, it will only have a negative impact on the wild boar, as they actively seek out people, in the hope of sharing their picnic.

    If they no longer fear people the wild boar will become a much easier target for illegal poaching. They are also more likely to visit the local towns and villages, where they are not always welcome and their natural behaviours can be viewed as a nuisance. They are more at risk of wandering onto roads, where they can be the cause of road accidents. If you encounter wild boar, of course observe them and admire them, but please “DO NOT feed the wild boar”. By leaving them alone and allowing them to remain the cautious, secretive wild animals they are, you will be helping to secure their safety and their future in the forests and woodlands of the UK.

    UKWBT patron, and BBC Springwatch star, Iolo Williams backs the campaign. Iolo says “Wild boar are wild animals and should be treated as such. Feeding these animals will lead to their becoming habituated to humans and this, in turn, will make them an easy target for poachers. It could also lead wild boar into residential areas where they can become a nuisance. Please do not feed these wonderful animals and show them the respect they deserve.”

    Finally, we hope you cherish every wild boar encounter, but please “DO NOT Feed the Wild Boar”!

    Thank you, UK Wild Boar Trust




  • Wild Boar Survey Scheme (WBSS)

    We are pleased to say we are the only UK group interactively surveying wild boar with the public , and then using our findings to influence the manageent of, and benefit, the wild boar in the UK as we have set up the Wild Boar Survey Scheme (WBSS).

    WBSS takes place at many locations across the UK each year and we will work with the Forestry Commission and discuss our summary findings to help aid management of this amazing animal.

    WBSS is coordinated by the UK Wild Boar Trust. We are a national wildlife non-profit organisation dedicated to the education and conservation of Wild Boar.

    Many people are sending in reports to UKWBT which indicate that Wild Boar are spreading across the UK and the aim of WBSS is to help us find out whether this is the case.

    WBSS will aim to carry out several survey visits to search for Wild Boar and/or Wild Boar field signs. This involves visiting suitable habitats on foot and using simple techniques to look for Wild Boar which will cause no damage to the land. The results will be used to benefit nature conservation. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you in advance.

    You can help by submitting any sightings here (all data is 100% confidential and we will only release summary of total figures periodically, no locations or names will be released) -> http://www.ukwildboartrust.org/#/submit-sightings/4571975979



  • Wild Boar Cull Policy

    UKWBT has unfortunately been on the receiving end of some lies and false accusations recently; this has prompted us to provide a statement of where we stand regarding the management of wild boar in the UK.

    We do not and we never will support the management of wild boar through lethal means. Please see our full cull policy on our homepage -> www.UKWildBoarTrust.org.

    Our aim is to push for non-lethal management by both trapping and relocation or through a contraceptive, administered through either an injection after trapping and release or through food.

    During a recent meeting with the Forestry Commission we were told that contraceptives were approximately 15 years away and that the use of contraceptives being supplied in food was not possible as after being ingested, if the boar was culled or poached, the meat could find its way into the food chain. Trapping and relocation was ruled out as it is assumed nobody would want the boar released on their land.

    So, where does this leave us?

    At present the wild boar are controlled by lethal means, being shot with high velocity rifles and until an alternative can be found, sadly this will continue. Our aim now is to conduct our own census, using our own sightings and sightings submitted via our website by members of the public. In August, one month before the cull is due to resume we will call a meeting with the Forestry Commission to discuss figures, if they are adamant that a cull is required, we will compare numbers and we will negotiate a lower figure.

    Although we do not agree with any animal being killed, we strongly believe that by talking to the Forestry Commission we can negotiate a lower cull number, and by doing so, will save the lives of many animals each year. We will be asking for evidence supporting their census and we will be doing everything we can to save as many wild boar as possible.

    Please support us by sending in your sightings. All locations will be kept strictly confidential. When discussing our findings with the Forestry Commission we will only provide summary numbers, not locations. The Forest of Dean District council agreed to raise the Forest of Dean population from 90 to 400 wild boar, which they said was acceptable for our forest.

    Our census will hopefully show them that a cull will not be required, but we can only do this with your help, so please report all sightings on this website.

    UKWBT working together to protect this amazing animal.

    Thank you.

    UK Wild Boar Trust.



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