Wild boar and Dogs

What to do if you encounter a wild boar while walking your dog?

The answer to this one is very simple. As soon as you
spot a wild boar just turn around, recall your dog, put
on lead (ideally should be on a lead beforehand)
and walk the other way.

If you happen upon a wild boar at close quarters
without knowing they were there and they, in the
very rare case, start to become aggressive towards
your dog, drop the lead instantly as this will give your
dog the chance to run away. Do not pick your dog up
or try and shield it from the boar.

Wild boar have a reputation for not liking and in some
cases attacking and killing domestic dogs. This is true,
but I challenge you to name one species of wildlife,
which does like dogs. Wild boar have the ability and
are more than capable of standing up to a possible
threat; after all they live alongside large predators
such as the lion and tiger in countries such as Africa
and India. Before they were eradicated in Britain
during the 13th century, they were predated by another
native, yet now extinct species; the wolf! When they look
at our dogs, they do not see a dog, they see a wolf and it is a deep born reaction to stand and fight as a wild boar will never outrun a pack of wolves!


(Source: http://www.spiegel.de/fotostrecke/photo-gallery-boar-meets-dog-fotostrecke-42386-2.html)

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