Wild boar in History


Wild boar became extinct in the UK during the 17th century, until their re-release about 10 years ago, and they are unusual in that many of them are active in the daytime (diurnal), some of the boar that we have come across also dispel the myth that all boar are scared of humans, there is an increasing number that are happy to casually trundle up to people, often in search of food.

There is now a healthy population of wild animals in the Forest of Dean, and other areas of the UK. But the exact figure is highly uncertain because wild boar populations are notoriously difficult to measure, and they have been, somewhat controversially, culled since 2007.

"Freyr" (1901) by Johannes Gehrts.
The god Freyr stands with his sword and the boar Gullinbursti.
Published in 1901

Wild Boar in Mythology

In Celtic mythology the boar was sacred to the Gallic goddess Arduinna,[53][54] and boar hunting features in several stories of Celtic and Irish mythology. One such story is that of how Fionn mac Cumhaill ("Finn McCool") lured his rival Diarmuid Ua Duibhne to his death—gored by a wild boar.

Some of you may remember the Asterix books, which were set in Gaul, wild boar were the favourite food of Obelix and he used to eat several roasted boar in a single meal.

Gullinbursti (meaning "Gold Mane or Golden Bristles") is a boar in Norse mythology.

In Hindu mythology, the third Avatar of the Lord Vishnu was Varaha, a boar.

Folklore, in the Forest of Dean, England, tells of a giant boar, known as the Beast of Dean, which terrorised villagers in the early 19th century.


Wild Boar in Heraldry

Symbolism of Wild Boar in Heraldry is thought to represent:
Boar [Hog, Porc; Grice and Marcassin are young wild boar] ~ bravery, warrior A fierce combatant when at bay. He will only quit fighting when dead. Boar's Head ~ hospitality


Coat of Arms for Grimsby

Differenced Arms for Trent Maxwell Huram Jonson, son of Halvar De La Cluyse ...Jonson

Coat of Arms for Eberbach, Baden, Germany

Coat of Arms for Dinefwr Borough Council

Coat of Arms for Jacques THOUIN


Coat of Arms for the family name Gordon

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